George Washington items bring more than $167,000

By the Associated Press | May 21, 2011 | 4:14 PM EDT

This photo provided by Heritage Auctions shows pieces of a silver emblem from George Washington's coffin in Dallas May 16, 2011. An upcoming auction of items related to Washington features objects that have been passed down through generations of his relatives. (AP Photo/Courtesy of Heritage Auctions)

DALLAS (AP) — George Washington's compass and an assortment of other personal items, including pieces of his coffin, have sold at auction for more than $167,000.

The items passed down through generations of Washington's family were among hundreds relating to the nation's first president offered for sale Saturday by Heritage Auctions in Dallas.

The top lot was the first president's compass, which fetched $59,750, and a 24-inch wooden ruler that was a precursor to the slide rule that brought nearly $42,000.

Several pieces of Washington's original coffin brought more than $12,000 total. His body was placed in a marble sarcophagus in 1837.

While items related to Washington aren't rare, experts say it is unusual to have pieces up for auction that had been kept in the family for so long.