Gallup: Obama’s Approval Hits All-Time Lows With Independents, Moderates and Conservative Democrats

By Terence P. Jeffrey | August 1, 2011 | 2:51 PM EDT

President Barack Obama (AP Photo)

( - President Barack Obama’s job approval ratings hit all-time lows last week among self-described Independents, moderates and conservative Democrats, according to the Gallup poll.

At the same time, Obama’s job approval ratings increased among self-described liberals and liberal Democrats, according to Gallup.

The all-time low job approval ratings for Obama among Independents, moderates and conservative Democrats—and the improvement in his job approval among liberals and liberal Democrats—came during a week in which Obama was negotiating with congressional leaders for legislation to increase the federal government's debt limit.

The trends suggest that Obama’s handling of the debt-limit issue did not improve his standing among those who perceive themselves to be in the middle of the American political spectrum.

Additional evidence of this is that Obama also lost ground last week with self-described liberal and moderate Republicans, among whom his job approval rating dropped from 24 percent two weeks ago to 21 percent last week.

According to Gallup’s weekly average approval ratings for the president (which are published every Monday), only 37 percent of self-described Independents said during the week of July 25-31 that they approved of the job Obama was doing as president--an all-time low for this group.

Before last week, Obama’s lowest job approval among Independents had been 38 percent, a nadir it had hit in the back-to-back weeks of June 28-July 4, 2010 and July 5-11, 2010.

Among self-described moderates, Obama’s approval sunk to an all-time low of 49 percent last week—the first time in Obama’s presidency that his approval rating dropped below 50 percent among moderates. As recently as the week of May 2-8, 2011, Obama’s approval had been at 60 percent among moderates.

Obama’s approval hit an all-time low of 59 percent among self-described conservative Democrats last week—the first time his approval among this group has dropped below 60 percent. As recently as three weeks ago, Obama enjoyed 70 percent approval among conservative Democrats.

Meanwhile, among self-described liberals, Obama’s approval rating improved from 70 percent two weeks ago to 72 percent last week, while among self-described liberal Democrats it increased from 81 percent two weeks ago to 83 percent last week.