Angry Reporter Interrupts WH Deputy Press Sec. to Accuse Her of 'Inflaming Everybody'

By Gage Cohen | June 28, 2017 | 4:22 PM EDT

Reporter lashes out at White House spokeswoman.

( - During Tuesday’s televised briefing, Brian Karem with the Montgomery County Sentinel interrupted Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, accusing her of “inflaming everybody” in the press room with her comments about fake news stories.

Sanders said “news outlets get to go on, day after day, and cite unnamed sources, use stories without sources, have you know, you mentioned Scaramucci’s story where they had to have reporters resign..." But, before she could finish, local reporter Brian Karem broke in.

“Come on, you’re inflaming everybody right here, right now with the those words. This administration has done that as well,” interrupted Karem, who launched into an accusatory rebuke of Sanders:

“Why in the name of heavens, any one of us, right, are replaceable, and any one of us, if we don’t get it right, the audience has the opportunity to turn the channel or not read us.”

“You have been elected to serve four years at least, there’s no option other than that, we’re here to ask you questions, you’re here to provide the answers, and what you just did is inflammatory to people all over the country who look out and see once again the President’s right and everybody else out here is fake media.”

“And everybody in this room is only trying to do their job,” concluded Karem.

Deputy Press Secretary Sanders responded by noting the hypocrisy of the reporter’s accusation, given how dishonest reporting has inflamed the American public.

“I disagree completely. First of all, I think if anything has been inflamed, it’s the dishonesty that often takes place by the news media,” Sanders replied, “and I think it is outrageous for you to accuse me of inflaming a story when I was simply trying to respond to his question.”

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders was interrupted as she was fielding a question regarding a story CNN was forced to retract, in which CNN linked entrepreneur Anthony Scaramucci to the Russian fund investigation.

CNN subsequently apologized to Scaramucci in a short editorial note about the retraction on its website: 

“On June 22, 2017, published a story connecting Anthony Scaramucci with investigations into the Russian Direct Investment Fund. That story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards and has been retracted. Links to the story have been disabled. CNN apologizes to Mr. Scaramucci."

Scaramucci used a Twitter post to accept the news outlet’s apology. “CNN did the right thing,” he tweeted. “Classy move. Apology accepted. Everyone makes mistakes. Moving on.”

The President responded to the false story by posting several tweets of his own about the incident. In one, Trump suggested that this was just one example of “phony stories” published by CNN:

“Wow, CNN had to retract big story on "Russia," with 3 employees forced to resign. What about all the other phony stories they do? FAKE NEWS!”