By The Associated Press | November 6, 2012 | 8:33 PM EST

Lady Gaga is rocking the vote in Ohio.

The pop star gave election pep-talks on three Cleveland radio stations and urged voters to cast ballots Tuesday, calling Ohio "the chosen state."

Gaga said she watched the debates with friends over a bottle of wine and did research before selecting her candidate, choosing to support Barack Obama because "he believes in equal rights for all Americans."

"Ultimately what it came down to is I feel that Mitt Romney lacks a certain amount of compassion that America needs right now, especially for young people," she said on Z Hip-Hop Cleveland. "I'm a Catholic and I make a lot of money and I want to give a lot of it back and I don't want any tax breaks. I want people in my country that don't have a lot; I want them to have more. I want them to have what I have. I feel guilty every day that I can't give it to everyone. But you can stand up and you can vote."

— Sandy Cohen — Twitter


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