Gaffney Calls Clinton's Foreign Policy "Rank Appeasement

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:07 PM EDT

Arlington, Va ( it "rank appeasement" is how Frank Gaffney, director of the Center for Security Policy, termed President Clinton's foreign policy and criticized his scheduled to visit Vietnam before his term ends next year.

"This president has, of course, normalized relations with communist Vietnam. We're now told he may finally go to Vietnam. This year before his mandate runs out. I think that's wrong. I think it's wrong for this country and I think it's wrong for the world," said Gaffney, which drew strong applause from those attending the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Gaffney also lambasted Clinton over his handling of the Elian Gonzalez case.

"We're about to send back a boy, not to his father, his father under the communist system there, the father is Fidel. This is all part of trying to normalize relations with Fidel's regime. I think that's wrong," Gaffney said.

Cuban troops fought in the 1970's in the Angolan civil war and Gaffney said the situation in Angola nor Cuba have improved, especially under the Clinton administration.

"In Angola, a country we don't hear too much about anymore, we have sold out under this government, a freedom fighter, Jonas Savimbi, who is still hanging on, but is being increasingly driven to extremis, because this government is determined to do deals with the (President Jose Eduardo) Dos Santos regime for oil and gems and never mind people who, I think, would like to bring about a freer Angola. I think that's wrong," Gaffney said.

Gaffney circled the globe in his speech pointing out the hot spots where he feels the Clinton Administration is either making a dangerous policy mistake or making a bad situation worse.

On North Korea, Gaffney accused Clinton of putting America on a track to normalizing relations with the communist regime that Gaffney said is clearly continuing to build weapons of mass destruction and longer range missiles to use against America and its allies.

On Libya, Gaffney said Clinton has "given a get out of jail free card to Moammar Ghaddafi. We're trying to normalize relations with him, too. Going along with this absolute ridiculous trial of two people who he says might have been involved, when, in fact, it was Moammar Ghaddafi who bore principal responsibility for destroying Pan Am 103 (over Lockerbie, Scotland) and killing hundreds of Americans. That's wrong."

On the Middle East, the Clinton Administration, according to Gaffney has allowed Iraq's Saddam Hussein to get back in business. "The weapons of mass destruction business, the threatening our friends and allies and ultimately us business.That's wrong," Gaffney said.

Syria is a country that's basically "in the tank" at the moment, according to Gaffney.

"It's economy has cratered. It's president is dying and he can't as far as I'm concerned, die too soon. This President (Clinton) is trying desperately to provide American life support for Hafez Assad, if he'll agree to make some phony peace agreement with Israel, which will threaten the future security of one of our most important, indeed, our most important ally in the Middle East. That's wrong. And now, you know what he (Clinton) wants us to do about it. He wants you to pay for it. He has in mind spending tens of billions of dollars, conservatively on Syria and Israel, trying to make this look as though it's going to be secure and peaceable," according to Gaffney.

Another possible Clinton move in the Middle East also worries Gaffney.

"Worst of all, ladies and gentlemen, he's talking about putting American troops on the Golan Heights. And if you like Beirut, you're going to love that deployment. This is a disaster in the making and it' wrong, " Gaffney said.

Gaffney closed his remarks saying we are in dangerous world, that is getting more dangerous and not less.

"Thanks to Bill Clinton and Al Gore we are less capable of dealing with that world today than we need to be and we will be still less capable, if they are able to work their will over these next 11 months. We must not let this happen. I urge you to insist that we hear from our candidates for the presidency and for the Congress about this litany and that we alarm the American people as they should be and we engage them in fixing the kinds of problems that are going to bring us great grief if we do not," Gaffney said.