Former Homosexual Promotes 'Truth Without Interruption Day'

July 7, 2008 - 8:03 PM

( - In response to the "Day of Silence," a program designed to highlight alleged harassment of homosexual high school and college students, a Christian group is organizing "Truth Without Interruption Day," a program meant to give voice to people who feel they're being silenced by homosexual activists.

Pro-family groups launched "Truth Without Interruption Day" four years ago in response to what they perceived as efforts by homosexual activists in schools to drown out an opposing viewpoint whenever homosexuality was discussed, said Stephen Bennett, a former homosexual and spokesman for the group.

"It seems all the homosexuals ever did was interrupt, and the Christians could never get a word in edgeways. So [we] decided to avail of the 'Day of Silence' to get the Christian message out without interruption," Bennett said.

"We're subtitling this day, calling it 'Breaking the Silence,' or breaking our silence of apathy, being intimidated and our silence as Christians from sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the homosexual," he said.

Homosexuality is not innate, and therefore should not be talked about in schools in the same terms as skin color and ethnicity, said Bennett, who lived in a long-term relationship with a man until Bennett became a Christian and came out of homosexuality 10 years ago.

He also was addicted to drugs and alcohol, dealt in cocaine, and was sexually involved with over 100 men, many of whom have since died of AIDS.

Today, Bennett, a Christian recording artist, is married and is the father of two children. Together with his wife, he heads Stephen Bennett Ministries, a homosexual outreach group based in Huntington, Conn.

"What we're asking people to do today is first open their eyes to what's going on with the homosexual movement, to learn the causes of homosexuality, to open up their ears, to listen to what the word of God says on the subject, and open up their heart to be able to really reach these people in love and truth for Christ," he said.

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which organized the "Day of Silence" in schools and colleges nationwide, said its program seeks to promote "safe schools" for homosexuals.

The group called on students to take a nine-hour vow of silence to "protest the harassment, prejudice and discrimination - in effect, the silencing - that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people face," GLSEN said.

Participants are encouraged to refrain from speaking and hand out cards or wear stickers or T-shirts professing solidarity with homosexuals who they claim are forced into silence because of harassment.

The group also calls on teachers and administrators to support the program, which it says reflects the mission of public education, allows students to support one another, and can be a lesson in civic responsibility, freedom of speech and democracy.

Peter LaBarbera, a senior policy analyst with the Culture and Family Institute, denounced GLSEN's activism and its attempts to promote a pro-homosexual agenda in schools.

"The GLSEN record, including the notorious 'Fistgate' scandal in Boston, is truly shameful," LaBarbera said.

"From brainwashing impressionable elementary school kids to promoting sexual perversion and gender confusion to teenagers, this is an agenda that puts children in danger," he said.

"Hopefully, this 'Day of Silence' will wake Americans up to the organized homosexual threat in our schools," LaBarbera said.

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