Former Democratic Congresswoman: Under GOP Platform ‘Abortions Will Rise’

By Fred Lucas | September 4, 2012 | 4:50 PM EDT

Former Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper (AP Photo)

Charlotte ( – Former Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper, a pro-life Democrat, told the Republican Party platform will cause more abortions.

“I believe with the platform of the Republicans, abortions will rise in this country not decrease, and therefore, I continue to be proud to be a pro-life Democrat,” Dahlkemper told

Her argument is that pro-life voters should support “social justice” issues and the government safety net promoted by the Democratic Party. Dahlkemper represented Pennsylvania in the House from 2009 through 2011. She lost her seat in 2010 largely over her vote for Obamacare. asked, “Some of the pro-lifers did seek basically one sentence (in the Democratic Party platform) that would recognize another side. That was turned down by the platform committee. Do you feel like the party is welcoming at all to diverse viewpoints on this issue?”

“It’s kind of a lonely place sometimes to be a pro-life Democrat,” Dahlkemper responded. “We did [try to] get a change in the platform language to really include us and say there are people with differing views on issues such as abortion and the death penalty. We did not achieve that. We will continue to work for those changes in the future. But again, I believe with the platform of the Republicans, abortions will rise in this country not decrease, and therefore, I continue to be proud to be a pro-life Democrat.”

While she believes the Department of Health and Human Services is violating religious freedom with the mandate for coverage of contraception, she still believes a pro-life Catholic voter should support President Barack Obama’s reelection.

On Tuesday, the opening day of the Democratic National Convention, Dahlkemper spoke at a forum sponsored by Democrats for Life. interviewed her after the event. asked, “As far as supporting President Obama, we’ve seen during his tenure in office, the HHS mandate, some issues with Obamacare. Do you feel like a Catholic, pro-lifer can still support President Obama?”

Pro-life Catholics should support Obama and Democrats based on “social justice” issues, Dahlkemper said.

“A big part of my faith teaching as a Catholic is really the social justice issues,” Dahlkemper said. “As we look at those issues across the spectrum, whether we are talking about education, whether we are talking about job opportunities, or whether we’re talking about health care for all, it’s really the president and the Democratic party who are promoting those issues of social justice. So we’ll continue to work on providing dignity for all human beings no matter which stage of life they’re in. followed, “As far as the HHS mandate that requires contraception coverage, is that something pro-life Democrats would have to be against?”

“The HHS mandate has more to do with religious freedom and religious liberty than it has to do with abortion. And so as I’m looking at this from an abortion perspective, I’m really looking at sort of a much broader picture in terms of what the issues are in front of us,” Dahlkemper said.