Former Clinton Pollster: GOP Picking Pro-Choice VP Like Dems Picking ‘Segregationist’

By Melanie Arter | July 16, 2012 | 11:03 AM EDT

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barack (AP Photo)

( Asked Friday about the prospect the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney might choose Condoleezza Rice as his running mate, Stanley Greenberg, who served as a pollster for President Bill Clinton, said Friday that for the Republicans to choose a pro-choice vice presidential candidate would be like the Democrats choosing a segregationist.

Rice, who served as secretary of state under President George W. Bush, is pro-choice on abortion.

“That party cannot nominate a pro-choice vice presidential candidate," said Greenberg. "I don’t know what the alternative would be on our side. We would nominate a segregationist or something. It’s not gonna happen. It’s too, it goes right to the core of what the Republican Party is."

Greenberg appeared alongside Democratic strategist James Carville on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” Friday to publicize their book, “It’s the Middle Class Stupid!

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“Romney is getting hammered all day because of Bain [Capital]. Somebody from the Romney campaign calls Drudge and says we gotta change the issue, so good, we’re gonna put Condi Rice up for vice president. I mean, that’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard,” Carville said.

“Probably one of the most, three people associated with the Iraq war, cause I’m sure that’s what the Republicans want the election to be centered around: wildly successful, wildly popular Iraq war. You can’t … on every level, you can’t help but laugh at it. Again, the whole thing was a head fake to get, to try to deflect some attention from Baine,” Carville added.

“So who does he pick?” the host asked.

“We really don’t know. If I were him, I think he needs some authenticity, and so I would do either [Rep. Paul] Ryan or [New Jersey Gov. Chris] Christie. I would do someone that the core of the party would find, you know, motivating,” said Greenberg.

“I don’t know. I’d put a plug in for [Louisiana Gov. Bobby] Jindal – why not? He’s a smart guy. He’s done a good job out there as a surrogate. He, at least is – you know, [Republican campaign consultant] Ed Rollins - I think he’s right - said the party’s too white, too old, and too fat. I don’t know about the third one, but I certainly agree with him on the first two. Jindal is neither white or old,” Carville said.

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