FCC Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy's Statement on Chairman Powell's Departure

By Kathleen Abernathy | July 7, 2008 | 8:22 PM EDT

Commissioner Kathleen Q. Abernathy issued the following statement in response to the announcement of Chairman Michael K. Powell's planned departure from the FCC:

"It has been an honor and privilege for me to work with Chairman Michael K. Powell. His departure from the agency will be a tremendous loss for the American people.

In his four years as Chairman and in his prior service as a Commissioner, Chairman Powell has led with extraordinary vision, intelligence, and integrity. His myriad accomplishments are highlighted by his vigorous promotion of the digital migration across all industry segments. Thanks to his vision we now benefit from the deployment of new broadband networks that use fiber optics, powerlines, and various licensed and unlicensed wireless technologies. He has also led the charge to advance the digital television transition and recognized the importance of developing pro-innovation and pro-investment policies for Voice over IP.

When it comes to managing this country's valuable spectrum resource, Michael Powell was the first Chairman to engage in a comprehensive reform of outdated spectrum allocation rules. He implemented rule changes that are already yielding more efficient and productive uses of this critical resource. He has also undertaken several tremendously successful consumer initiatives, including the national do-not-call registry and wireless local number portability. Finally, he has worked tirelessly to improve public safety communications and strengthen homeland security.

In all of my years working at the Commission and in the communications industry, I have not encountered anyone as talented and dedicated to the public good as Michael Powell. While I am saddened by the impending departure of my esteemed colleague and trusted friend, I wish him all the best in his future endeavors."