Family Group Heads to Court to Block 'Gay Marriage' in San Francisco

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:04 PM EDT

( - A pro-family group plans to sue the mayor of San Francisco for violating California's marriage laws.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has ordered the county clerk to issue marriage licenses "without regard to gender or sexual orientation." San Francisco County Clerk Nancy Alfaro was quoted as saying that she would "work diligently to implement the mayor's request."

The Campaign for California Families (CCF) called Newson's order a radical step and promised to fight it in court.

"California state law says marriage is only for a man and a woman," said CCF Executive Director, Randy Thomasson.

"When Mayor Newsom raised his right hand and swore to uphold the law, he either lied or didn't do his homework. Newsom's out-of-control behavior shows he is pandering to special interests like Gray Davis did," Thomasson said in a press release.

CCF argues that San Francisco can't flout a state law defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

The San Francisco Chronicle Wednesday quoted Mayor Newsom as saying, "A little more than a month ago, I took the oath of office here at City Hall and swore to uphold California's Constitution, which clearly outlaws all forms of discrimination.

"Denying basic rights to members of our community will not be tolerated," he said. Newsom took the oath of office on Jan. 8.

"Mayor Newsom has lost his mind," said Mathew Staver, the president of Liberty Counsel, which plans to request an injunction on behalf of CCF on Friday.

"Government officials, including even the mayor of San Francisco, must obey the law. We are a nation ruled by law, not by power-hungry, renegade, radical activists," Staver added.

CCF's lawsuit comes as the group travels the state in an effort to rally opposition to Assemblyman Mark Leno's homosexual "marriage" license bill, which will be formally introduced on Thursday.

CCF's "Protect Our Vote Tour" is holding 14 news conferences to protest Leno's bill and to applaud the 149 pro-marriage candidates on the March 2 ballot who have signed the Marriage Protection Pledge.

"If Attorney General Bill Lockyer is interested in doing his job to defend state law, he would take immediate action to block Newsom's unlawful directive," said Thomasson.

"As it is, Lockyer has not acted, so it's up to the people to defend the law on marriage, and protect the sacred institution from attack."

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