Exclusive Video: Obama Says He’s ‘Absolutely Confident’ He’ll Get a Health Care Bill—With or Without Republican Votes

By Nicholas Ballasy | August 20, 2009 | 12:59 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - President Obama said at the White House late yesterday that he is “absolutely confident” he will get a health care bill to sign—with or without Republican votes.

“I am absolutely confident we are going to get a bill--and I hope it’s bipartisan,” said Obama.

The president made this comment while walking back into the White House after speaking to past and present NASCAR champions on the South Lawn of the White House late Wednesday afternoon. He was responding to a reporter who had shouted a question to him about whether he was going to get a bipartisan health care bill.

As Americans attending congressional town hall meetings around the country have voiced discontent with the president’s health care proposal, speculation has increased in Washington, D.C., that the Democratic leadership in Congress could try to pass health care reform through a process known as “reconciliation” rather than through the normal legislative process.
In the normal process, it takes 60 votes in the Senate to end a filibuster and move to a final vote on legislation. Under the “reconciliation” process, a bill needs only a simply majority in both houses of Congress.