Energy Dep’t Offers ‘Hallow-green’ Energy-Efficiency 'Tricks'

By Elizabeth Harrington | October 23, 2012 | 8:51 AM EDT

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( - The Energy Department is once again using Halloween to push its green agenda, advising people to install low-flow faucets because you never know when you'll have to protect yourself from a "wicked witch."

“This Halloween, keep ghosts and goblins at bay -- while saving energy and money -- with these home energy efficiency tricks,” the government agency said on its website Monday.

The post uses Halloween imagery, including a witch's hat along with the words "I'm melting," an allusion to "The Wizard of Oz." “Install low-flow faucets to prevent leaks and save water—who knows when you’ll have to protect yourself from a wicked witch,” it states.

Other tips:

-- “Stop unwanted spirits (and chilly drafts) from entering your house by sealing air leaks around windows, doors and air ducts.”

-- “No garlic needed! Ward off vampires with energy-efficient light bulbs.”

-- “When not in use, close your chimney flue to stop cold air (and witches) from flying into your house.”

-- “Banish goblins and other creatures lurking in the shadows with solar outdoor lighting.”

“It has long been said that on All Hallows’ Eve the boundary between the living world and dead thins, allowing spirits to run free,” wrote Rebecca Matulka, a digital communications specialist for the Office of Public Affairs.  “Ghosts and goblins roam the earth, witches take to the sky on their broomsticks and vampires rise from the dead. Whether you believe in paranormal activity or not, this Halloween don’t let your energy bill give you a scare.”

The blog expounds upon low-flow faucets and how they relate to the upcoming holiday.  “According to folklore, water has magical qualities, providing protection from the undead -- ghosts can’t cross running water and the slightest drop causes witches to melt,” she wrote.  “If this is a belief you ascribe to, you can stop ghosts and witches in their tracks and achieve water savings of 25-60 percent by installing low-flow fixtures.”

The post also recommends using outdoor solar lighting to “banish goblins and other creatures lurking in the shadows.”

Keeping the goblins at bay is only the latest attempt by the Energy Department to use Halloween as a means to advance green energy.  As previously reported, the agency is also providing pumpkin-carving patterns in the shapes of compact fluorescent light bulbs, windmills and solar panels.

“This Halloween, protect yourself from evil spirits waiting to torment you -- and rising energy bills -- with these energy efficiency tips,” the post concludes.  “After all, saving energy and money is a treat you can enjoy all year long.”