Elian's Father Pleads For Son's Return

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:08 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - Juan Miguel Gonzalez, the biological father of 6-year-old boat refugee Elian, pleaded with authorities and the American public Thursday for his son to be returned to him. Young Elian remains with relatives in Miami after a federal court ruled that he must remain in the country until at least a May 11th hearing on his case.

Speaking in suburban Washington, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, through a translator, said,
"Please help me. Send a message to the President of this country (United States), the Attorney General of this country: Unite my son with me. Don't let this abuse of my son continue. I love my son. I need my son with me at my side to be with me. Please, I ask you to help me."

Gonzalez also said he is hurt by what is happening to his son, Elian.

"I have come here to be with my son and already two weeks have passed and I am not with my son. It hurts me very much to see what's happening and the abuse that's happening to my son," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez again called on Americans to help him in his efforts to be reunited with his son.

"Please, I ask you: Pick up the phone, write a letter, do everything you can. My son is only a boy, 6-years-old. He's a boy like any other son. He's a son like any other boy in the United States. He's no different. Please let's stop this politics that's on top of all of this. But remember it's between a father and a son," Gonzalez said.

After making his statement, Gonzalez left the bank of microphones in Bethesda, MD, without taking any questions from reporters.