Dr. Oz Diagnoses Health Care Law As ‘Half Good’

By Nicholas Ballasy | May 9, 2011 | 7:56 AM EDT

(CNSNews.com) – Talk show host and surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz told CNSNews.com that the health care law passed by Congress last March is “half good” because the country still needs to find a way to deal with the “expenses of health care.”

“It’s half good. It does what it we need to do in terms of getting access health care for a lot of folks and as a doctor, I take care of a lot of people without coverage. The problem is we got to figure some way out of dealing with the expenses of health care and that’s not going to happen in Washington; that’s going to happen in our homes, in our living rooms, in our kitchens and in our bedrooms,” he told CNSNews.com on the red carpet of the recent White House Correspondents’ dinner. 


“That’s were we actually decide how healthy we’re going to be cause if we’re sick as we are right now, we’ll never be able to keep up. It doesn’t matter who’s trying to be pass what legislation even Newt [Gingrich] over there, as smart as he is and I’ve talked to him about this stuff, you can’t make anything work unless we become healthier as a country.”

Oz, whose show, “The Dr. Oz Show” was launched by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures, was also asked if agrees with the government subsidizing health care plans for certain individuals under the law.

Dr. Mehmet Oz (AP Photo)

“Well, I don’t think it’s subsidizing health plans for individuals, I think you have to provide a safety net. Listen, when people come into the hospital without health care insurance, it’s like a ship coming into the port without a captain, what ends up happening is you hit the dock, you spill your oil over the bay, you pull it in for everybody else,” he told CNSNews.com.


“The most expensive thing in health care is bad health care; bad quality care and people who get bad quality care tend to be folks without insurance because there’s no doctors taking care of them so if you want to provide an inexpensive system that provides efficiency and at a high quality of care so you cut costs, you’ve got to provide a safety net.”