Dems Counting Kerry Supporters Before Ballots Are Cast

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:30 PM EDT

( - Call it a pre-vote headcount: The Association of State Democratic Chairs says it will take an online head-count of Kerry supporters in advance of the Nov. 2 election.

The new Web site, called, asks people who want to see President George W. Bush defeated to "stand up and be counted."

Mark Brewer, the vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, also serves as president of the Association of State Democratic Chairs. He says the effort to count Kerry supporters is "the first step of an active effort by Democratic state parties to ensure the accuracy of the vote."

"We can't let another Florida happen again," Brewer said, joining a growing list of Democrats who are predicting problems at the voting booth long before the election takes place.

"With story after story highlighting concerns about the accuracy of new voting machine technology, most of which is provided and controlled by Bush campaign donors, we've launched to do a pre-count of all Democrats so we can be prepared for November 2," Brewer said in a press release.

The Association of State Democratic Chairs said it expects this to be a close election.

The group says state Democratic parties are expected to spend millions of dollars this year on get-out-the-vote efforts; poll watching; and other "voter mobilization" work. The group says state parties will be key factors in those efforts.

"There are six weeks to go. and will sound the drumbeat for our efforts to get Democratic voters and disappointed Bush supporters out to the polls," said President Brewer. "This website allows everybody who wants Bush out to voice their opinion and be counted."

Brewer added, "We're asking Democrats to come to and start the chain of victory this November -- and link with Democratic state parties in their on-the-ground efforts to ensure that this election is fair."

As has reported, the liberal advocacy group and various African-American leaders already have accused the Republican Party of trying to "suppress" the black vote by intimidation, misinformation, and purges of voter roles. is encouraging Democrats to sign a petition demanding that all electronic voting machines produce paper ballots as back-up. "Every voting method should produce a paper ballot," the website says, "so that voters can verify that their vote is recorded correctly and kept for counting and recounting."

And some members of Congress have called for U.N. supervision of this year's presidential election, as though the United States were some kind of fledgling democracy.

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