Democrats Gleeful Over DeLay's Arrest

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:31 PM EDT

( - In an update on Tom DeLay's legal situation, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee wants fellow Democrats to know that the Texas Republican -- "now twice indicted, will face the humility of a mug shot."

In a press release issued Thursday -- hours before DeLay was scheduled to appear in his home state of Texas for booking and fingerprinting -- the DCCC referred Democrats to various press reports explaining what will happen next.

"Tom DeLay fought the law, and the law is winning," DCCC Executive Director John Lapp said. Lapp called it "hard to believe" that DeLay will be processed and photographed like any other suspect.

DeLay faces state charges related to his fund-raising activities on behalf of Republicans. He says he's the victim of a politically motivated prosecutor, Texas Democrat Ronnie Earle, who refused to give up until he found one -- then two -- grand juries to indict DeLay.

Under House rules, the indictments forced DeLay to temporarily give up his House leadership position, and some of DeLay's supporters say that's the whole point -- to gut DeLay's ability to steer the conservative Republican agenda.

In his message to Democrats, Lapp suggests the attempt to sideline DeLay may not be working:

"Even mired in disgrace and supposedly stripped of his leadership role, we hear that DeLay is still taking part in Republican Leadership meetings, making crucial decisions that affect us all," the DCCC memo said.

"No Republican in Congress has challenged this outrage, and to this day only three out of more than 200 Republicans have given back the money they took from him."

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