Death Star Construction Awaits Gov't Response

By Eric Scheiner | January 2, 2013 | 9:01 AM EST

Death Star from the 'Star Wars' Films (AP Photo)

( - The construction of a fully operational Death Star awaits the go-ahead from the Obama administration.

It’s not officially part of any “Star Wars” defense system but the “We The People” online petition site hosted by the White House has a request for the government to “Secure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016.”

The petition says, “By focusing our defense resources into a space-superiority platform and weapon system such as a Death Star, the government can spur job creation in the fields of construction, engineering, space exploration, and more, and strengthen our national defense.”

The White House is to give official responses to all online petitions that receive 25,000 signatures within one month after the petition is created. Over 33,000 people have signed the Death Star initiative.

There has been no official response to the petition from the White House at this time.

Eric Scheiner
Eric Scheiner
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