Dead and missing from siege at Algerian gas plant

By The Associated Press | January 21, 2013 | 4:32 PM EST

In this image made from video, a group of people believed to be hostages kneel in the sand with their hands in the air at an unknown location in Algeria. Algerian de-mining teams were scouring a gas refinery on Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013 that was the scene of a bloody four-day standoff, searching for explosive traps left by the Islamist militants who took dozens of foreigners hostage. The siege left at least 23 captives dead, and the American government warned that there were credible threats of more kidnapping attempts on Westerners. (AP Photo/Ennahar TV) ALGERIA OUT, TV OUT

Here's the latest information from Algeria on the dead and missing after a bloody, four-day hostage siege at the country's remote Ain Amenas natural gas plant.


—29 Islamist militants, according to the Algerian government.

—37 foreign hostages, Algeria says.

—One Algerian security guard at the plant, Algeria says.

—Foreign hostages confirmed dead so far include seven workers from Japan, six from the Philippines, three each from Britain and the United States, two from Romania and one from France.


—Algeria says five foreign hostages remain missing — either because they fled or their bodies have not yet been found. In addition, the government has said seven bodies of foreign hostages have not been identified by name or nationality. But other governments' figures show more unaccounted for.

—JAPAN: Three Japanese still missing, the government says.

—NORWAY: Five Norwegian employees of Statoil remain missing, the energy company says.

—BRITAIN: Three Britons and a Colombian who lived in the U.K. are still missing, the government says.

—THE PHILIPPINES: Four Filipinos remain missing, the government says.

—MALAYSIA: Two Malaysians are still missing, the government says.


— Three kidnappers captured, Algeria says.

— 685 Algerian plant workers freed, Algeria says.

— 107 foreign workers freed. Algeria says.