Conservatives Boycott McDonald’s

By Michael Gryboski | July 8, 2008 | 6:29 AM EDT

( - The conservative American Family Association is launching a boycott against McDonald’s in response to the fast-food chain’s support of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).
Richard Ellis, vice president of communications for McDonald’s USA, has been appointed to the NGLCC board of directors and McDonald’s contributed $20,000 to the organization.
On its Web site, the NGLCC identified McDonald’s as a “Corporate Partner and Organization Ally.”  The AFA set up a petition on its Web site.
This is not the first boycott organized by the pro-family conservative group. In May 2005, the group launched a boycott of the Ford Motor Company because of its marketing outreach to homosexual activist groups – that boycott ended only recently. According to the AFA, over 780,000 people signed the petition to boycott Ford.
AFA President Tim Wildmon told Cybercast News Service that he would like McDonald’s to remove its support from the homosexual chamber, which he dubbed “an activist organization.”
“If you go on their (NGLCC’s) Web site, they even push legislation, so obviously they’re for same-sex marriage,” said Wildmon, adding that, given the controversy over same-sex marriage, he feels it is “inappropriate” for McDonalds, as a family restaurant, to clearly endorse one side of the culture wars.
“Our argument is not with McDonald’s hiring practices or who McDonald’s serves in their restaurant. That matters not to us,” Wildmon said. “What we’re talking about is taking $20,000 of corporate money and making a donation to a gay and lesbian activist organization. We think that’s wrong and we want people to know what McDonald’s has done here.”
The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce told Cybercast News Service it was “not taking any questions” on the story. McDonald’s did not return calls prior to press time.
The NGLCC, according to its Web site, "represents the interests of the estimated 1.4 million LGBT owned businesses in the United States.”

It further says, “Advocacy is a top priority for the NGLCC, whether it's lobbying Congress or the White House, commenting on regulatory issues or working with leaders throughout America's top corporations to bring about equality, opportunity and change. The NGLCC has quickly moved to become the LGBT business voice in Washington, on Wall Street, and down Main Street USA.”