Conservative Leader Stresses Importance of Pro-Life VP in Chat With Romney

By Susan Jones | July 18, 2012 | 10:39 AM EDT

( - In a "very productive meeting" with Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Tuesday, the head of the conservative Family Research Council says the topic of Romney's running mate came up:

"We did discuss the importance of his running mate choice," Tony Perkins said in a message to supporters. "The campaign has been clear that his VP pick would be a pro-life conservative. My only encouragement was to consider someone who not only says they are pro-life, but someone who has advanced the cause of life. I offered a few names, like (Louisiana) Gov. (Bobby) Jindal, (Fla. Rep.) Allen West, (Wis.) Gov. Scott Walker, (Fla.) Sen. Marco Rubio, and a few others."

Perkins says his one-on-one meeting with Romney in Baton Rouge included topics of concern to social conservatives, such as "the economic importance of marriage."

"Gov. Romney had read a piece by Jason DeParle which appeared in the New York Times over the weekend about the expanding economic disparity between unmarried and married mothers, and it's clear that he understands not only the economic importance of marriage, but the cultural importance as well. I encouraged him to express this understanding more regularly in his messages, like he did last week when he spoke at the NAACP," Perkins said.

Perkins' concluded on a hopeful note: "It is clear that the Romney campaign is beginning the process of building relationships with social conservatives based on a shared concern for the future of the family and the future of the nation. And while there is no question we have some differences, I do believe we share a set of values with Gov. Romney that will be critical in getting America back on the right track."

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