Conservative Groups Launch Ads on Judicial Nominees

By Melanie Arter | July 7, 2008 | 8:22 PM EDT

( - Two conservative groups paired up Thursday to launch a national ad campaign to educate grassroots groups and voters on their senators' actions and inactions on President Bush's judicial nominees.

The Family Research Council and Focus on the Family launched the first of the two ads Thursday in the Washington Times. A second will be launched in Nevada Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid's state. According to a press release, the ads urge senators to uphold the Constitution and "vote yea or vote nay but VOTE!"

"A small block of Senators, led by Nevada's Harry Reid, has handcuffed the Senate with a shameful parliamentary parlour trick - the filibuster - to deny qualified judicial nominees a constitutionally guaranteed up or down vote. Why? Because Senator Reid and his ideological allies are, well....obstructionists," the ads state.

"Our Constitution is clear and unambiguous. This parliamentary power play by a few Senators, concerned more with their own power than the voice of the people they were elected to service, is unconstitutional and must be stopped," the ads continue.

"Their actions shame the high office they hold, one which requires an oath to uphold the very Constitution they ignore," the ads conclude.

According to FRC President Tony Perkins, the ads "are just the beginning." He said his group and Focus on the Family want every American to know which senators "are doing their constitutional duty and upholding family, faith and freedom and which are not. We have no higher priority in 2005."

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