Conservative Group Takes Offense with Pro-Family Agenda

July 7, 2008 - 8:03 PM

( - A conservative group, following a pattern set by liberal activists, has filed a ballot initiative that would require the city of Woodland, Calif., to promote its agenda -- that of family values.

The "Family First Ordinance" would amend the city charter to make the promotion of abstinence, marital fidelity and devotion to children a priority of city government.

A California-based group called the Pro-Family Law Center is promoting the ballot initiative "as a vehicle for Christians and other pro-family people who seek to be more pro-active in their advocacy of marriage and family."

The measure, if citizens approve it, would require the city to set up a permanent public awareness campaign contrasting the benefits of family values with the harmful consequences of promiscuity, adultery and neglect of children. Residents of Woodland would be continually reminded of the city's pro-family values through billboards and other advertisements.

The city would also be required to file a "Family Impact Statement" for all laws and policies the city council adopts. The initiative also calls for the establishment of a seven-member "Family First Citizens' Commission," which would be charged with promoting a climate in which families can thrive.

The ballot initiative is a response to "adversaries with an agenda," according to Scott Lively of the Pro-Family Law Center.

According to Lively, "The far left has advanced its destructive anti-family agenda, starting where it is strongest (big cities and university towns) and pushing outward into more conservative areas."

Lively said it is time for conservatives to stop "playing defense" and losing ground. "Instead we need to realize that we have an agenda of our own; a wholesome and positive pro-family agenda that will improve our society, not destroy it," he said.

"The Family First Ordinance is a way for conservatives to prove that our agenda of family values produces a better way of life - first in strongly conservative areas like Woodland, and then...who knows."

Read the Family First Ordinance