Congressman Believes Hillary Is Running To Keep Out of Jail

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

( - One of the 13 House impeachment managers of President Clinton believes his wife Hillary is running for the Senate from New York in order to keep herself out of jail.

Representative Steve Buyer, (R-IN), told an Indiana radio talk show, "Hillary Clinton was facing a pending criminal referral, an indictment from the office of Independent Counsel (Kenneth Starr). They (her defense team) knew that. The best way they could protect Hillary Clinton was to pull her into a political arena."

Buyer also told an Indiana newspaper that Hillary Clinton's candidacy made it impossible for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr to press a case against her believing such a move would be "political poison" for Republicans.

Admitting he had no proof of such a scheme, Buyer went on to say, "Call it the 'Steve Buyer political theory.' I don't care. I prosecuted the President. I know a lot of things that people don't know. I know the evidence. I believe in my heart, and no one is going to change it, this was done to protect her and insulate her," Buyer said.

Buyer was conducting town meetings in his Indiana district on Tuesday and was unavailable for comment when contacted by

Representative George Gekas, (R-PA), another House impeachment manager, told he had no knowledge about the incident Buyer was talking about.

"Even if that were so, it seems to me, I don't see how her running a political campaign would shield her from any prosecution of this type. If it were a viable option to pursue her, I just don't see what sense there is to determining that her running a political campaign shields her at all. In fact, it just exposes her more in some ways. If the evidence were to be there," Gekas told

However, Gekas didn't criticize the veracity of Buyer's statements.

"I'm not going to challenge what Steve (Buyer) says. He may have a sense of it that's stronger than mine on these issues. I just do not recall spending too much time on or effort in tracking alleged offenses by Hillary. We were concentrating on the perjury and obstruction of justice phases of the President's wrongdoing," Gekas told

Another House impeachment manager, Representative James Sensenbrenner, (R-WI), was out of the country and unavailable for comment.

Other House impeachment managers, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde, (R-IL), had no comment on Buyer's remarks.