Concerned Democrats Launch 'Don't Vote for Nader' Ad

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:30 PM EDT

( - A group called is running what it calls a "hard-hitting" TV ad intended to convince voters that a vote for Ralph Nader is really a vote for President George W. Bush.

The ad will begin airing this week in Oregon, where Nader has received some of his strongest support in the past.

The ad campaign is sponsored by The Democratic Action Team, which describes itself as a federal political action committee with "the leeway to directly challenge Mr. Nader."

"Ralph Nader put George Bush in the White House four years ago, and we see the carnage that has been caused at home, where more than a 2 million private sector jobs have been lost, and around the globe, where our Iraqi engagement has been nothing short of a disaster," said Michael K. Frisby, communications director for the Democratic Action Team.

"All Nader will do is help produce four more years of the same,'' Frisby added in a press release.

According to, the ad shows a picture of President Bush, while listing some of his administration's perceived "failures," including "1.5 million jobs still lost," "40 million without healthcare," "zero weapons of mass destruction."

The ad concludes with Nader and Bush appearing side-by-side, as the narrator asks: "Ralph, what's more important? Your nation or your ego? Don't do this to us again."

According to the Democrats who produced the "stop Nader" ad, polls show that the race between John F. Kerry and President Bush "is so tight that votes for Mr. Nader could tip several key states to President Bush."

Democrats want Nader to back out of the race, something he has vowed not to do.

"This election should be about more than [Nader's] ego; this election is about the future of our nation," Frisby said.

"It is about whether the environment is protected, whether jobs are created, whether the middle class is squeezed, whether equal rights matter, whether a woman has control of her own body and whether we have moral standing in the world.

"If he helps send President Bush back to the White House, Mr. Nader's legacy will be that he turned his back on all that he once stood for," Frisby concluded.

In addition to running ads in Oregon, said it also will file a brief in Texas, where Mr. Nader failed to get enough signatures to get on the November ballot - and is now challenging the ballot access process in court. says it will try to prevent Nader from "circumventing" the legal requirements for getting on the ballot.

A second anti-Nader group, the National Progress Fund, also plans to run ads this week featuring voters who say they wish they hadn't voted for Nader in 2000.

Those ads will run in Wisconsin and New Mexico, the Washington Times reported. According to the newspaper, Nader's campaign is urging Democrat John Kerry to send "a clear message" that he opposes the ads.

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