Commentary: Torture and Kill, Just Don't Spank

By Sterling Rome | July 7, 2008 | 8:14 PM EDT

Recently at the United Nations, Libya, a haven to torture, repression and terrorism, was selected to chair the United Nations Human Rights Commission while a pre-war Iraq, violator of 10 years of UN sanctions, was chair of the United Nations Conference on Nuclear Disarmament.

This should give you some idea of the kind of smug utopian fog in which this so-called "world body" functions. What a country and its leaders actually do in reality have no bearing whatsoever on their treatment at the UN. Terrorists, despots, dictators and purveyors of genocide have nothing to fear.

In fact, they can likely expect to be treated with more reverence and respect than the countries that actually attempt to respect the rule of law. Why? Because the list of countries that use the UN as nothing more than a tool to prop up their illegitimate regimes is becoming longer than the list of countries that don't. Oh, yeah, and those exploitative regimes also don't have to pay anything to keep the UN afloat.

Thus, under the aegis of "world government" your tax dollars help pay for the representatives of genocidal regimes to come to the United Nations to do all they can to frustrate the plans of the civilized world.

Often these diplomats actually believe their status raises them above the level of even their fellow countrymen. Thus rather than being a representative to the UN they become a representative of the UN.

And since the UN is virtually powerless to impose its will on any country that decides not to listen (see: Iraq), a tremendous amount of time is spent criticizing and imposing upon the countries that actually support their mission.

A perfect example is the recent ruling against Canada by the UN Committee on Rights of the Child, which stated the country should "adopt legislation to remove the existing authorization of the use of 'reasonable force' in disciplining children."

Throughout the world children are enslaved as sweat-shop laborers, tortured as captive prostitutes and even murdered for their race, religion, or gender - and the response of the United Nations is to chastise Canada for not making spanking illegal.

This would be hilarious were it not so unspeakably irresponsible. Further, it illustrates how the United Nations - however well intentioned it may have been upon inception - is literally useless.

While the affront to our neighbors to the North is bad enough, what is truly disturbing here is the fact that the United Nations has cast a blind eye to the parts of the world where it feels that it can have no effect.

While there have certainly been other edicts from the UN addressing the more pressing issues surrounding Children's Rights, the fact that any time whatsoever is devoted to spanking in Canada indicates the moral equivalence that has become the rule.

Thus, while the Sudanese might enslave children, and the Chinese might murder infants, the United Nations must find an equivalent problem somewhere in the West to ensure the patina of "even-handedness."

Such reasoning washes away any differentiation between good and evil, and turns the United Nations into an asinine debating society where the representative of a genocidal dictator gets his "turn" to criticize how, say, Iceland doesn't have enough homosexual out-reach programs.

Rather than receive a face full of rotten vegetables for having the audacity to even stand in public, said representative is likely applauded, and if he's lucky, he might even elicit an apology from the government of Iceland. Further, there is even a chance that Iceland will adopt the recommended legislation - even against the wishes of its own people.

This is elitism run-amok. Unaccountable representatives of countries that prove incapable of delivering anything to their people short of repression, famine, and death get to have a say in the establishment of world political norms.

By the way, these norms will never be adopted back in Libya, Iran, or China - but the delegates from these nations will be outraged in they are not honored in Canada. That such UN edicts are described as the establishment of "world government" is a complete misnomer.

Instead what we have is a world body attempting to gag the civilized world on the bile of its own political-correctness and insipid utopianism. For proof, consider that the same representatives that ruled that Canada should outlaw spanking hail from countries where schoolgirls are left to burn alive for fear of saving them without their head scarves on.

Copyright 2003, Sterling Rome

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