Comedian Marlon Wayans: ‘Tough’ to Make Jokes About Obama Because He’s ‘Trying To Do Something Good,’ ‘Sarah Palin Jokes Are Hilarious’

By Nicholas Ballasy | May 5, 2010 | 3:50 PM EDT

( - Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans said it is “tough” to make jokes about President Barack Obama because he’s “actually trying to do something good” but added that “they had a field day with Bush” and “the Sarah Palin jokes are hilarious.” Film Director Judd Apatow said he agreed with Wayans.
At the recent Creative Coalition’s “Art and Soul” gala, asked Wayans,  “As an actor and a comedian, what do you think about the comedy shows and the jokes that have been made about President Obama? Do you think they’ve been fair? Are they too easy on him?”
Wayans said, “Honestly, I haven’t seen any hilarity yet. I think he’s a tough one because he’s actually trying to do something good. Like, they had a field day with Bush -- Bush jokes all day. But I haven’t seen a really good one [about Obama].”

“Now, the Sarah Palin jokes are hilarious,” said Wayans. “I think Tina Fey doing all that on Saturday Night Live is hilarious. She does a better Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin does. So, I mean, Barack, he’s a tough one. He’s a tough cookie to crack, if you will. He’s hard.”
When asked if he has any ideas for jokes or sketches about the president, Wayans -- whose brothers are the famous comedians and actors Damon, Shawn, and Keenan -- said he does but will save them for later.
“I’ve got some but I’ll wait until after the dinner to do them,” said Wayans. “You ain’t getting me kicked out before I go into the dinner,” said the "White Chicks" and "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" star.
Film director and producer Judd Apatow of the movies “Anchorman” and “40-Year-Old Virgin,” told that he agreed with Wayans, adding that comedians would rather make fun of politicians with whom they disagree. asked Apatow, “Marlon Wayans said that it’s harder to make fun of President Obama be he’s ‘doing good’ –”
“It’s true -- I agree with that,” said Apatow.
“A lot of comedy, you know, you are attacking things that you disagree with, so if you agree with a lot of what someone’s trying to do, you don’t want to attack them,” said Apatow.  “So, I think a lot of comedians probably appreciate his efforts more than some of Mr. Bush’s efforts. But we always want the president to do well but if they’re doing something crazy, you’ve got to make a joke about it.”