Cockpit Security Technical Corrections and Improvements Act

By Sen. Jim Bunning | July 7, 2008 | 8:30 PM EDT

This bill will create a last line of defense in the sky and help prevent future terrorist attacks.

Arms Pilots Faster
- TSA has been dragging their feet in arming our commercial pilots. So far only a small fraction of our 100,000 pilots are armed.

* Trains all commercial pilots who volunteer within 90 days from when they apply.

* Any pilot who volunteers and can legally own a firearm will be armed after training.

* Any volunteer pilot with a military or law enforcement background and recent firearms training is immediately armed and will be trained within 6 months.

Makes Pilots An Effective Defense
- TSA's rules are ineffective against terrorism. TSA takes the guns away from pilots when they are most vulnerable and keep them off international flights.

* Puts armed pilots on international flights immediately.

* Allows the pilot to carry the gun inside and outside the cockpit.

* Ends the practice of carrying firearms in a locked box in the luggage.

Tears Down Walls TSA Built
- TSA has only opened one training facility. TSA's paperwork and unknown selection criteria are keeping pilots from signing up. TSA threatens pilots not to talk to their members of Congress.

* Eliminates arbitrary and unknown selection criteria.

* Ends redundant background screenings - pilots already get them to be licensed.

* Requires training facilities opened throughout the country so pilots can get to them.

* Requires the government to pay for the pilot's travel expenses.

* Protects the privacy of pilots who volunteer.

* Ensures that pilots can talk to Congress about the program.