Facebook Feud Blamed for Murder of Chicago Girl, 14

By CNSNews.com Staff | April 29, 2014 | 7:46 AM EDT

From the Chicago Sun-Times: A 14-year-old Chicago girl was shot and killed Monday, and her parents believe the attack stems from a Facebook feud with another girl, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Endia Martin was shot in the back about 4:30 p.m. as she stood on a city sidewalk with a group of teenagers as a fight broke out and someone started shooting, police told the newspaper. Another teenage girl was shot in the arm.

“My daughter didn’t roam the streets at night,” Endia's stepfather Kent Kennedy told the newspaper. “We were too strict. We had a strict curfew. She didn’t gang-bang. She never was in trouble with police.”

Kennedy told the Sun-Times that Endia had recently transferred to another high school because he and his wife worried that her commute — two buses and a train — might not be safe.

“Me and my wife, we work constantly, every day raising three kids...And I hate to say it, but the good kids, the standout children who are trying to go to school and do something with their lives, they’re the ones who are actually dying in the streets. The ones who want to accomplish something in life,” he said. “It’s not a South Side thing or a West Side thing, it’s the city as a whole. It seems like you can’t walk down the street or even ride the bus any more.”

“Never would I imagine a 14-year-old child would get gunned down in broad daylight,” Kennedy added.

Police reportedly are interviewing a "person of interest" in the shooting.