Seeks ‘A Few Good (Journalism) Interns’ for Spring 2010 Term

By Pete Winn | December 4, 2009 | 6:05 PM EST Video Journalist Nicholas Ballasy interviews former President Bill Clinton. (Photo from file)

( – Want to wade into reporting some of the biggest stories ever to happen in the United States?
From the historic swearing-in of Barack Obama as president, to Congress passing the unprecedented budget-busting $787 billion economic stimulus, to the mammoth government takeover of health care looming in the wings as part of the health-care reform bill, to the Tea Party march on Washington -- 2009 has meant one historic event after another taking place in the nation’s capital.
How would you like to be here to cover events as they unfold in 2010?
Though there are plenty of “newsmakers” in Washington, D.C., who have a hand in “making” that news, from Capitol Hill to the White House and beyond, it takes a unique kind of individual to report it -- someone willing to look beyond the press events and soundbites in order to understand what’s behind the events of the day.
The Media Research Center (MRC) is looking for a few “unique” individuals to become intern journalists at, starting in January 2010.
If you are a conservative college journalism or government student (or recent college graduate) and you are looking to learn about the world of political journalism while working in it, why not consider coming to as a journalism intern for a term? Video Journalist Nicholas Ballasy interviews actress Hayden Pannetiere. (from file)

At, you will get a chance to work alongside experienced professional journalists -- investigative reporters, editors, videographers and commentators – and dig into issues and topics that aren’t being covered, or aren't being covered accurately, fairly or adequately by the so-called “mainstream media.” 

Yes, you will be expected to cover events on Capitol Hill, but you will also be called on to ask tough questions of lawmakers, dig deep into major legislation (like the mammoth health-care reform bill or the economic stimulus bill), research important topics like global warming and cap-and-trade, cover presidential politics  – in short, to function at a level way beyond the typical photocopying and filing of other internships. 

If selected for the program, you would work out of our offices in historic Old Town Alexandria, Va., located across the Potomac River from the U.S. Capitol, and hometown to President George Washington and Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Internships run from January through mid-April, and, unlike at many programs inside the Beltway, internships at are paid (though special college work-study opportunities are also available.) 

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) is joined by, from left, Diana Furchtgott-Roth, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), Kevin Hassett, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former director of the Congressional Budget Office. ( Starr)

The Media Research Center Youth Education and Internship Program is also offering news analysis, writing and marketing internships for this Spring in its other divisions – the News Analysis Division, the Business & Media Institute and the Culture and Media Institute.
If you think you’re up to the challenge of learning to be a reporter in Washington, and it’s the kind of challenge that sounds like it’s designed just for you -- or someone you know – please don’t delay in contacting for more information. Contact:

Internship administrator
Media Research Center /
325. S. Patrick St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: 703-302-8352