Clinton's Speech Called 'Reaganesque'

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:32 PM EDT

( - Sen. Hillary Clinton's "victory" speech on Super Tuesday night was "Reaganesque," according to Michael Reagan, the son of the late president.

Reagan said the Tuesday night speeches given by the Republican candidates "sucked," and unless the Republicans can do a better job of articulating their vision for the country, the Democrats will win, he said in an appearance on Fox & Friends.

Clinton's speech included the following passage articulating her vision:

Now we know the Republicans won't give up the White House without a fight, well let me be clear, I won't let anyone swift boat this country's future. [Reporters covering the Clinton campaign said that is a new line for Clinton -- the first time she's said such a thing on the campaign trail.]

Together we're going to take back America because I see an America where our economy works for everyone, not just those at the top, where prosperity is shared and we create good jobs that stay right here in America.

I see an America where we stand up to the oil companies and the oil producing countries, where we launch a clean energy revolution and finally confront the climate crisis.

I see an America where we don't just provide health care for some people, or most people, but for every single man, woman and child in this country -- no one left out.

I see an America where when a young man or woman signs up to serve our country, we sign up to serve them too.
An America with a 21st century GI bill of rights to help veterans go to college, buy a home or start their own businesses.

I see an America respected around the world again, that reaches out to our allies and confronts our shared challenges -- from global terrorism to global warming to global epidemics.

That's the America I see -- that's the America we will build together.

McCain insists he's a conservative Republican

Sen. John McCain, in his Super-Tuesday-night speech, talked about winning "a number of important victories." He said it's time for everyone "to get used to the idea that we are the Republican Party front-runner for the nomination of president of the United States. And I don't really mind it one bit," he joked.

McCain devoted most of his speech to buttressing his conservative and Republican background: If elected, he said he would "work hard hard to ensure that the conservative philosophy and principles of our great party -- principles that have done so well by the country we love -- will again win the votes of a majority of the American people, and defeat any candidate our friends in the other party nominate."

He said he's confident that "we can succeed in November by uniting our party in our determination to keep our country safe, proud, prosperous and free..."

McCain then explained the many reasons that he is a Republican -- an apparent attempt to quell criticism from leading conservative commentators that McCain is no conservative -- and has stabbed his own party in the back repeatedly.

Here are some excerpts from McCain's speech:

I am a Republican because, like you, I want to relieve the American people of the heavy hand of a government that spends too much of your money on things you neither want nor need, while failing to do as well as we should the things none of us can do individually. I am a Republican because, like you, I believe government must defend our nation's security wisely and effectively, because the cost of our defense is measured in losses so hard to bear and in the heartbreak of so many families.

I am a Republican because, like you, I believe government must respect our values because they are the true source of our strength; and enforce the rule of law, which is the first defense of freedom. I am a Republican because I believe the judges we appoint to the federal bench must understand that enforcing our laws, not making them, is their only responsibility. I am a Republican because I believe, like you, that government should tax us no more than necessary, spend no more than necessary, and keep out of the way of the most industrious, ingenious, and optimistic people in the history of the world.

I am a Republican because I believe, like you, that it is the strength, courage, wisdom and patriotism of free people - not the government - who have made this country the extraordinarily successful place it is. My friends, my purpose is to preserve and strengthen our freedom, the freedom I have defended all my adult life, and I will not let anyone or anything deter me.

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