Clinton's Goodbye Sounds Like 'We'll Be Back'

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:19 PM EDT

( - The White House called it a farewell event, but it looked and sounded like a political campaign stop Tuesday night when President Clinton addressed a Democratic gathering in Chicago, telling supporters that native son Bill Daley "did a brilliant job in leading Vice President Gore to victory" on Election Day.

Clinton praised Daley, Gore's campaign manager, for helping the Gore campaign through some difficult days, and he said the Democrats lost only because Republicans interfered.

"They thought the election was over, the Republicans did. By the time it was over, our candidate had won the popular vote, and the only way they could win the election was to stop the voting in Florida," Clinton said. (He presumably meant to say "stop the vote counting.")

"I'm telling you, there's still a lot of big challenges out there," Clinton continued. "But I'm leaving this country in good shape. And the best is still to be. You just rare back, stay together and keep fighting for tomorrow," he said, as confetti filled the air.

Clinton spent much of Tuesday visiting Michigan and Illinois, two states that helped him win the election in 1992. At various stops, he reminded supporters of his "clear strategy to get the economy going."

On Thursday, Clinton will visit New Hampshire, a state that usually sees politicians when they're beginning their campaigns, not ending them.