Clinton Says Gore Is Best VP In History

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:24 PM EDT

( - President Clinton praised his Vice President Al Gore for his service during the Clinton administration, saying Gore "is by far the best Vice President in history."

At a White House news conference Thursday, Clinton said Gore, a candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination against former New Jersey Democratic Senator Bill Bradley, "certainly had more influence over more areas." Although Clinton did not explain what those areas were.

Clinton also praised Gore for recently moving his presidential campaign from Washington to Nashville, Tennessee. " I think he is doing well in his campaign. I think he made a good decision to go home to Tennessee."

The president also praised Gore in response to a question that Gore had accused his Democratic rival Bradley as a disloyal Democrat.

On the 2000 Democratic presidential campaign, Clinton said, " I expect him (Gore) to win, but I expect to support the nominee of my party as I always have. I think I can serve no useful function by talking about anything other than the issues."

Recent polls indicate that Bradley and Gore appear to be neck and neck in New Hampshire, where the nation's first presidential primary will be held next year.