Clinton Calling for "Budget Busting" Increases

By Ben Anderson | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

( - Even though President Bill Clinton has yet to formally announce his 2000 budget proposals, White House leaks about his final spending plans for the next fiscal year have amounted to more than $9 billion according to the House Budget Committee.

The committee has developed a website to keep track of what they call "Clinton's Budget-Busting Trial Balloons," which have so far come only in the form of a "steady stream of White House 'leaks.'"

"Already there have been an estimated 36 leaks totaling $9.5 billion for increased spending and new government programs in fiscal year 2001," according to a statement released by the committee.

Among the proposals tossed about by the White House is a ten-year expansion of health insurance for children in low-income families. Clinton wants to spend $110 billion to implement the plan over a ten-year period.

In a $28 billion health care proposal, Clinton wants to provide a $3000 tax credit for people with long-term care needs. That plan, too, would be implemented over ten years.

Clinton has proposed $1.5 billion to veteran's medical care spending.

The president is asking Congress to increase spending for the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division by $16.4 million for the fiscal year, bringing the division's total from $82.2 to $98.6 million.

Clinton also indicated he wants to send $555 million in taxpayer funds overseas to increase so-called "family planning efforts."