Christian Rally in Detroit Puts Muslim Community on Edge

By JEFF KAROUB | November 11, 2011 | 3:05 AM EST

DETROIT (AP) — A group that considers Islam one of the problems facing the U.S. is planning a 24-hour Christian rally in Detroit.

The prayer event, known as TheCall, starts Friday night at city's NFL stadium.

Event organizers call Detroit a "microcosm of our national crisis." They say the event will tackle issues including the economy, racism, homosexuality and abortion, but also list Islam as something hurting the nation.

The Detroit area is home to one of the largest Muslim communities outside the Middle East.

Local rally organizer Ellis Smith of Detroit's Jubilee City Church says Friday's event isn't anti-Muslim. Smith says it's "against terrorism that has its roots in Islam."

Detroit clergy opposed to the rally's message are planning to march to the football field Friday to hold their own event.