Catholic School Slammed for Admitting Sons of Homosexual Couple

By David Thibault | July 7, 2008 | 8:05 PM EDT

( - Twin five-year old boys are at the center of the latest cultural clash in California, following the decision by their parents - two homosexual men -- to enroll the boys in a Catholic school in Costa Mesa.

The superintendent of schools for the Catholic diocese of Orange County has reportedly defended the enrollment of the two boys at St. John the Baptist School, but a prominent conservative group has warned that the homosexual couple's children might try to brainwash their classmates about homosexuality.

The fathers of the two boys have not been identified, nor have they commented about the case after enrolling their sons in the Catholic school's kindergarten.

But a group of parents, whose children also attend St. John the Baptist, demanded that the school limit its admissions to families who strictly adhere to Church doctrine. The Catholic Church opposes homosexuality and the adoption of children by same sex couples.

However, St. John the Baptist school officials rejected the parents' demand, instead issuing a new policy that states a family's violation of Church doctrine "does not constitute an absolute obstacle to enrollment in the school."

Randy Thomasson, president of the California-based Campaign for Children and Families, said the school's decision to allow the enrollment of the two boys sets a dangerous precedent.

"If this Catholic school allows these two boys in, when the boys start talking about their two daddies in the classroom, will the boys be told to stop talking that way? They should," Thomasson told the Cybercast News Service.

Rev. Gerald M. Horan, superintendent of the Orange County Diocese schools, told the Los Angeles Times that if St. John the Baptist School insisted that parents of all of its students adhered to every element of Church doctrine, then it would have to reject the children of divorced parents or parents who practice birth control.

But Thomasson said the issue of homosexuality is different.

"It's completely different ... Children of divorce do not advocate divorce. Children whose parents use birth control do not advocate birth control," Thomasson said. "It is children who are raised in a homosexual environment who are taught to advocate homosexuality to other children."

Children raised in homosexual households, according to Thomasson, "become little homosexual voice boxes." They are emotionally weak in the first place, he said, but then are mentally exploited and "led down a road of false stability and false family values."

Thomasson also delivered a verbal slap to the school and the Catholic Church.

"The school is inviting in a disruptive element, disruptive to the morals of other children, potentially disruptive to even the standards of the Church, if there are any standards left," he said.

Terry Stone, executive director of the Gay & Lesbian Community Services Center of Orange County, dismissed Thomasson's idea that the five-year-old boys were a potential threat to the other students.

"I think that they step over the line when they try to make this issue about putting two children in a school system about part of the gay agenda. I just think it's ludicrous," Stone told the Cybercast News Service.

"It's not about trying to push and make people accept who we are. It's about two parents who care about their children and want to make sure that they have a good education," he said.

Stone said he is "always amused" by talk of a "gay agenda."

"I wish someone would give me my copy because I have never seen it," Stone said, adding that cultural conservatives "always talk about it being some kind of big thing that we're out to push."

Critics of the St. John the Baptist School enrollment policy should take the time to "learn about people who have differences and to learn about gay families and to get to know them on a personal basis," Stone said. If that happened, he added, the parents of the other children at the school "might find out that they have a lot of things in common" with the homosexual couple.

A representative of St. John the Baptist School on Tuesday confirmed that the sons of the homosexual men were still attending kindergarten classes.

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