Carter’s National Security Advisor: ‘You Can’t Prevent Every Terrorist Attack’

December 5, 2008 - 6:38 PM
"You can't prevent every terrorist attack," said Brzezinski. "It's impossible certainly to do that."
When asked by what the U.S. could do to prevent a Mumbai-style terrorist attack here, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter, said, “You can’t prevent every terrorist attack.”

“You can’t prevent every terrorist attack,” said Brzezinski. “It’s impossible certainly to do that. But one at the same time has to take a lot of precautions, but not create a culture of fear in society, because a society that’s dominated by fear becomes a society that is very susceptible to demagogy.”
“We have to preserve our democracy. We have to keep our cool even if there are some terrorist attacks,” said Brzezinski.

Henry Kissinger, who served as national security advisor and secretary of state to President Richard Nixon told that the United States needs to work with other countries to prevent terrorist attacks.
“We cannot by ourselves prevent every attack anywhere in the world,” said Kissinger. “We can and should and are exchanging intelligence information, especially with countries that are so important to us as India.  But I’m sure we give as much as intelligence as we can and we can teach them what we know based on our experiences. But unfortunately, these groups are spread all over the world and are not afraid to die.”

Although he endorsed Senator John McCain for President, Kissinger said during the ceremony that the new administration must be given support as they face domestic and international challenges.

“The new administration must be given every support and every encouragement to deal with this in the manner they have so far dealt with it. And I want to say that the hope of all Americans is with this new period that is now beginning.” interviewed Brzezinski and Kissinger Tuesday night at a National Defense University event where Kissinger was presented with the school’s “American Patriot Award.” Past recipients of the award include Gen. Colin Powell and former President George H. W. Bush.