Can't Sit Around Waiting for A Candidate, Liberals Say

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:33 PM EDT

( - How worried are Democrats about their party's never-ending primary election battle? A liberal advocacy group admits it is "ready for it to be over already," and it plans to "start focusing on the Republicans," even before the Democrats have settled on a presidential candidate. And on Sunday, Howard Dean, the Democratic Party chairman, said he wants a decision -- Clinton or Obama -- by June.

Dean says the race between Obama and Clinton is "pretty close to a tie."

Speaking on NBC's "Meet the Press," Dean said, "One of these two wonderful candidates is going to lose with about 49 percent of the delegates, and that person's going to have to do what's right for the country" -- and drop out of the race.

Dean also said the person who loses with "49 percent of the delegates in Denver...has to believe that they were treated fairly," or else the Democrats can't win in November.

Dean said he wants the party's super delegates to settle on either Clinton or Obama by the end of June -- two months before the Democratic National Convention in Denver. "But the truth is we need to figure this out before the convention. We need time to heal," he told NBC's Tim Russert. "The only thing that's going to beat us is if we're not unified."

Obama currently leads Clinton in the number of elected delegates, but Clinton insists that the party's super delegates must vote for the "most electable" candidate. On Sunday, Dean stressed that super delegates also "represent the will of the people" because "they're elected by the same people who...go to the conventions in the primaries."

Dean said in the next few weeks, it will become clear "that one of these candidates is more likely to win than the other, and I think that's who's going to get the nomination. I can't tell you who that is. I have no idea who it is. But that's what's going to happen."

MoveOn wants to move along

"John McCain is set to go into the general election with a serious advantage," said in a message to supporters on Saturday. "Right now he's building up his team -- meaning there's a good chance he'll run up a big lead before our team even gets on the field."

That has prompted to roll out its "groundbreaking" election program -- a plan intended to put a Democrat in the White House and a Democrat majority in the Senate.

"Here's the thing: We can't wait until there is an official Democratic nominee to put these plans into motion," said in an appeal for donations. said its strategy includes "microtargeting" -- "one of Karl Rove's famous field tactics," it said. "We'll ensure that we find every progressive voter, even those in conservative neighborhoods or households with Republicans," the group said.

It's also focusing on "persuasion," which it describes as an effort to target independent and "swing" voters well before Election Day.

The liberal group also touts its innovation in creating new online organizing tools that will help it boost voter registration, education, and turnout.

"We have a historic opportunity this fall, and we can't afford to sit around and wait until there's a nominee to get to work-there is too much at stake," said.

The message concludes with a second appeal for a "few bucks" to help ensure that "progressives hit the ground running when the election season gets started in earnest." is supporting Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) as the Democrat Party's presidential candidate.

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