Campaign Diary: Ready, Set, Campaign!

By Justin Torres | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

( - The presidential candidates are in the final stretch now, with just 20 days until Iowa and 27 until New Hampshire. Watch for candidates to unveil a whole new round of ads, and campaign like chickens with their heads cut off. Here's a rundown of what a few campaigns are doing to get out the vote.

John McCain: If you live in New Hampshire, expect to see this insurgent Republican challenger in your grocery store, coffee shop, town square and maybe even your living room constantly for the next four weeks. McCain, who is basically skipping the Iowa caucus, plans to spend 19 days in the Granite State between now and Primary Day, touting his military service and opposition to Internet taxes - a message that may play well in this high-tech state.

Al Gore:
The most recent Federal Election Commission filing shows Gore trailing challenger Bill Bradley almost two-to-one in the money chase. That's borne out in this recent Gore campaign email to potential Iowa caucus volunteers: "While Gore 2000 cannot pay volunteers' transportation costs, there are several options for volunteers traveling to Iowa." The email goes on to suggest car pooling or renting a bus. Gore will find a place for you to stay, though.

Steve Forbes: The New Jersey publisher is probably hoping for softball questions at January 6th's Manchester Union-Leader debate - since the influential paper has already endorsed given Forbes its endorsement. Forbes spent Tuesday kvetching with New York Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long, in an attempt to win that party's line in New York's March 7th primary. Long announced himself "impressed" with Forbes and said he "clearly enunciated a conservative vision for America."

Bill Bradley: After last week's announcement that the former Senator had doubled Al Gore's $4 million fundraising tally in the last quarter of 1999, is it fair to call Bradley the challenger anymore? Bradley and his wife Ernestine will be in New Hampshire nearly continuously until Primary Day, and the campaign has unveiled a gauzy, uplifting new commercial touting Bradley's Newborn Protection Act, which mandated a 48-hour hospital stay after childbirth.

George W. Bush: The Texas Governor hopes to get some bounce from Elizabeth Dole's endorsement - which was conspicuously announced in Bedford, NH. "The next president must be a person with the vision, the integrity and the executive experience to lead us. That man is Governor Bush and he has my full support and complete endorsement," said Mrs. Dole. Bush responded," Elizabeth, you have always said that you have been a lieutenant in Ronald Reagan's army. I am proud to have you as a general in mine."