Cain criticizes Obama on space exploration

By RAY HENRY | November 12, 2011 | 11:55 AM EST

ATLANTA (AP) — Republican Herman Cain is criticizing President Barack Obama for cancelling the space shuttle program.

Cain, in a speech Saturday, praised President John F. Kennedy for his effort to put a man on the moon in the 1960s.

The GOP candidate accused Obama of diminishing the nation's technological prowess by ending NASA's space shuttle program. When he's president, Cain said, "we are not going to bum a ride to outer space with Russia."

It was actually President George W. Bush who decided to retire the shuttle program. Obama has proposed building a giant rocket that could send astronauts to an asteroid and eventually Mars. He wants private companies to ferry cargo and astronauts to the space station.

Cain was silent on sexual harassment allegations that have rocked his campaign.