CA Turn Out High; Silicon Valley Key Battle Ground

By Justin Torres | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

Hanford, CA ( - Total turn out in the key California presidential primary Tuesday is expected to be high especially in the important Silicon Valley area.

According to the office of California Secretary of State Bill Jones - a McCain supporter - turnout around the state should top more than 50 percent of registered voters of the state's 14.6 million registered voters.

"When we moved the primary to March 7 we did so because we wanted Californians to make a difference in determining who our presidential nominees would be," Jones said in a statement.

Jones went on to say, "For the first time in 30 years the nation will be looking to the west to see which candidates California voters choose and I believe they will do so in record numbers."

Turn out is reported to be especially high in the key Silicon Valley area where Bush and McCain have been fighting for the support of that region's young independent minded high tech workers.