Bush's Sister Ready For Presidential Campaign

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:26 PM EDT

Philadelphia (CNSNews.com) - Dorothy Bush Koch, younger sister of Texas Governor George W Bush, said Tuesday she is ready and eager to hit the campaign trail for her older brother.

In an interview with CNSNews.com at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, Koch said, while she is happy for her older brother, she still can't believe that the moment has finally arrived.

"Well, it's hard to believe that it's here. I mean, we've been working for a year-and-a-half to get to where we are, and, we're just so proud of George, we can hardly stand it," Koch told CNSNews.com.

The Bushes are used to politics. George Bush, Senior has been President and served in the House. Brother Jeb is governor of Florida, and, of course, the oldest Bush sibling, George W, is about to receive the formal Republican Party nomination for President.

However, Koch, whom her brothers have nicknamed "Doro," says there is something different about brother George's campaign.

"I think this campaign is different in that there's a great excitement because people are tired of what's been going on in the last 8 years. But we're all working just as hard as we've worked before, and we're getting ready for a tough campaign in the fall, but, a victorious one, too," Koch said.

Koch also praised her sister-in-law, Laura Bush, George W's wife, for the electrifying speech she gave on Monday night to convention delegates about education and how literary issues benefit American society.

"We're so proud of my sister-in-law. You know, Laura's been a great first lady of Texas and a great advocate for literacy and children's issues. It's so wonderful that the American people are getting to know her better and getting to know what a down-to-earth and solid, good person she is," Koch said.

When asked why people should vote for her brother George for President, Koch said, "I think people want to have lower taxes. I think people want to strengthen the military. I think people want education to be their top priority and that's true of George. Those are the things that he is going to be campaigning on and those are the things that I would talk about."

Koch continued, "... I would also tell people: if you want a President that children can look up to and be proud of, then you need to vote for George W Bush.

Koch also says she has no plans to follow the footsteps of her brothers, George and Jeb, by entering politics.

"I am not a governor and I will never be a governor. But, I am a mother of four fabulous children who are graciously allowing me to get out there and campaign hard for George, and it's been a privilege. You know, George knows that he can't get where he is unless he's got good people helping him, and that's my role," Koch said.