Bush Supports 'Trigger Lock' Guns

By Jerry Miller | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - Texas Governor George W Bush said on Wednesday that he would support the use of trigger locks on guns. The statement, made while he campaigned in Atlanta, followed news of the shooting of a six-year-old girl by a classmate at a Flint, Michigan elementary school.

"I hope people use trigger locks," Bush said.

The statement was not Bush's first concerning the use of the safety device.

In the past, Bush said he could support gun manufacturers and purchasers who voluntarily add the locks to their weapons. However, his latest statement went further, according to a Bush staffer, who said the governor "would have no problem" signing legislation which mandated the use of trigger locks.

When asked directly about his willingness to sign such legislation, however, Bush stopped short of declaring such support.

Bush also wondered how trigger lock laws would be enforced, saying he was concerned about "trigger lock police knocking on people's doors, saying 'show me your trigger locks, please?"

Both Bush and Arizona Senator John McCain have said they support the development of new technology that would lead to so-called "smart guns," that can only be fired by their owners using a system regulated by some form of finger print recognition.

The Michigan elementary school shooting and another shooting in the Pittsburgh suburb of Wilkinsburg in which a gunman randomly killed three people and wounded two has again thrust gun control into the political spotlight.

In the Democratic race, Vice President Al Gore and former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley both have come out in support of legislation that would mandate the use of trigger locks. While Gore supports the registration and licensing of all newly-purchased guns, Bradley wants all guns to be registered and licensed.