Bush Not Worried About His Presidential Legacy

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:31 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - President Bush, asked Wednesday if he feels any sense of "vindication" given the promising turn of events in Iraq and broader Middle East, said he just doesn't think that way.

He said he fully understands that as president, he will be criticized.

"What's interesting is George Washington is now getting a second or third or fifth or tenth look," Bush said, mentioning that he has just read the new biography "His Excellency" by historian Joseph Ellis.

"People are constantly evaluating a president's standing in history," based on events that take place during and after that presidency. "And so I just don't worry about vindication or standing, he said.

What's more, he added, "There isn't much time to sit around and wander lonely in the Oval Office, asking different portraits, 'How do you think my standing will be?' I've got a lot to do. I like to make decisions and I make a lot of them."

President Bush said the people who deserve the credit in Iraq are the Iraqi citizens, who defied terrorists and courageously voted.