Bush Lead Pegged at 960 by Florida Election Officials?

By David Thibault | July 7, 2008 | 8:27 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - Florida election officials have quietly posted their recount results in the presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore and, with all counties except Palm Beach reporting, Bush is now said to lead Gore by 960 votes in the crucial state that will determine the national outcome.

According to the Florida Department of State - Division of Elections Internet web site, "The current results reflect the last recount results provided to the Division of Elections from the Supervisors of Elections in Florida. These results are 'unofficial.' There are also hand counts being conducted in some Florida counties at this time. These results are not 'official' until all 67 counties have certified their results to the Division of Elections. The deadline for official certification is November 14, 2000."

The statement on the web site adds that "overseas absentee ballots postmarked no later than November 7th and received within 10 days (November 17th) from the date of the election will also be counted and certified to the Division of Elections."

Three days after what may become the closest election in US history, Gore was back in Washington to attend his son's high school football banquet; Bush remained in Austin, assembling his transition team; and the 100 million Americans who voted on Election Day were still in limbo. Wire service and television network reports indicate the unofficial results from all of Florida's 67 counties show Bush still leading Gore, but only by 327 votes.

Gore continues to lead Bush in the popular vote count by more than 200,000 ballots out of almost 100 million cast, but that does not include all the absentee ballots, which are still being counted in many areas. The Gore campaign is preparing legal challenges to what it calls "voting irregularities" in Florida, especially in Palm Beach County, where some voters have claimed the ballot there was confusing.