Buchanan Praises Protestors, Slams WTO Meetings

By Bob Melvin | July 7, 2008 | 8:07 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) -Conservative presidential candidate Pat Buchanan praised the thousands of demonstrators marching against the World Trade Organization, calling the Geneva-based organization that sets the rules of global trade an "embryonic monster.''
Buchanan said Wednesday that the WTO was taking away the sovereignty of the United States and that the thousands of WTO demonstrators were right to take to the streets to protest. According to wire service reports, Buchanan called violence by a small number of demonstrators "deplorable.''

"If there is one message we are trying to get across, it is that we stand against global government and an undemocratic new world order,'' said Buchanan, who is seeking the Reform Party nomination for the presidential race. "We Americans alone should decide issues of vital significance to our destiny and our national security. No global organization is ever going to be allowed to impose its rule against the sovereignty of the United States of America.''

Buchanan said he would not be joining the demonstrators on the streets, but he was working with labor and environmental groups to bring down the WTO. "The WTO should never have been created. It is an embryonic monster. I don't think it has a great life expectancy. It takes away from the tens of thousands who are walking to demonstrate that their jobs and their security and their American dreams are being sold out,'' said Buchanan.

He also attacked an agreement between the United States and China on terms for China to join. "By bringing China into the WTO and by seeking to grant China unrestricted, open access to the greatest market on Earth without asking anything in return, Bill Clinton, in my judgment, is dealing away the human rights of the Chinese people, selling out the workers of the United States and impairing the sovereignty of this country,'' he said.