Buchanan, Nader Continue Third-Party Bids

By Bruce Sullivan | July 7, 2008 | 8:26 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader fired criticisms from the left at Democrat Al Gore on Sunday, while Reform Party presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan attacked Republican George W Bush's right flank, urging the Texas governor to choose a pro-life running mate if he wins the GOP presidential nomination.

"There's a permanent government here in Washington that doesn't matter whether there is a Republican or a Democrat in the White House," said Nader on Fox News Sunday. Nader added that he sees no difference between Gore and Bush, whom he said are both beholden to big corporations.

"The only difference between Al Gore and George Bush is the velocity with which his forehead hits the floor when big business knocks on the door," said Nader.

Buchanan, a former life-long Republican who bolted from the party last year to seek the Reform Party presidential nomination, said that if Bush chooses a pro-choice running mate, such as Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, it would "permanently split the Republican Party."

"I think it'll be the beginning of the end for the Republican Party," said Buchanan on the same show as Nader, but in a separate interview.

A pro-choice vice presidential candidate on the GOP ticket "would make the Republican Party indifferent on the issue of life," said Buchanan. "If the Republican Party stretches the rubber band that far, it doesn't have that kind of elasticity," he added.

National polls show that both Nader and Buchanan only have about three or four percent of the vote, but analysts say that Nader could pose a problem for Gore in states such as Oregon, where the environment is a big issue. In Oregon, polls show Nader with about seven percent of the vote.

To be included in nationally televised presidential debates, candidates must score 15 percent or higher in the polls, according to guidelines set by the Commission on Presidential Debate.