Buchanan Calls GOP Rivals Clinton "Copies"

By Bruce Sullivan | July 7, 2008 | 8:24 PM EDT

Washington (CNS) – Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan told the National Press Club Tuesday that his GOP rivals are "copies of Clinton and Gore" and that he is the true conservative in the field.

Buchanan sought to distance himself from his GOP rivals Texas Gov. George W. Bush, Sen. John McCain, Elizabeth Dole and Steve Forbes by describing them as "virtual Xerox copies" of the current White House administration.

The former political commentator criticized the quartet's stances on several issues ranging from the war in the Balkans to trade with China.

"All four endorsed the president's decision to launch a war in Serbia to which I am unalterably opposed," said Buchanan.

Buchanan was especially harsh on McCain's call for the president to commit ground troops in Kosovo, saying that to do so would only "compound the error" of waging "an unjust and unwinnable war."

In his third try for the GOP presidential nomination this decade, Buchanan's pro-life, anti-gun control, restricted trade platform has remained constant. He said that Bush, Dole, McCain and Forbes' free-trade policies and endorsement of NAFTA make them "virtual Xerox copies of Clinton and Gore."

"So called free-trade conservatism is not really conservatism at all," charged Buchanan.

"At this stage in the campaign," Buchanan told CNS, "It's my job to show conservatives where I stand."

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