Buchanan Attacks Republicans, Democrats as Interventionists

By Bruce Sullivan | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

Washington (CNSNews.com)- Reform Party presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan on Monday lambasted President Clinton for sending troops to Haiti, Somalia, and Yugoslavia in order to divert attention from his foreign policy failures. However, he was equally critical of Republicans, whom he said are also too willing to interfere in other nations' affairs.

"But our Republican elites are even more bellicose," said Buchanan, a lifelong Republican who recently left the party to seek the Reform nomination.

"It was his own Republicans who berated President Bush for not marching on Baghdad," said Buchanan. "It was Republicans who urged air strikes on North Korean nuclear facilities, thereby inviting a second Korean War. It was Republicans who denounced Clinton for not sending 200,000 troops into Belgrade," he added.

Speaking at the Cato Institute, a Washington think tank, Buchanan said neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are on the right track when it comes to international affairs.

"We need a new foreign policy that is rooted neither in the Wilsonian utopianism of the Democratic Party, nor the Pax Americana vision of the Republican think tanks," said Buchanan.

Saying that he is not an isolationist, Buchanan touted his credentials as a former advisor to presidents Nixon and Reagan.

"As one who supported every foreign policy initiative from Kennedy to Reagan to win the Cold War, I reject the isolationist label," said Buchanan.

Referring to some of his rivals for the presidency, Buchanan told CNSNews.com that he believes that his experience serving under those presidents makes him qualified to be president and to deal with other heads of state. "Bush, Gore, Bradley and McCain are good men," said Buchanan. "But they are all on one side of this great debate, and I am on another."