Broward County Backs Off Recount; Democrats Will Sue

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:27 PM EDT

( - Broward County election officials decided late on Monday not to proceed with a full, manual recount because a partial hand recount was not much different from the previous machine count.

Democrats said they would go to court to force Broward to finish the manual recount. Democratic officials said the partial recount in Broward County had turned up five extra votes for Gore in one percent of the precincts. If that trend held through all the precincts, it could mean a net gain of 500 votes for Gore, in a contest where several hundred votes now separate the two candidates.

In other developments on Tuesday morning, Palm Beach County - home to many "confused" voters - is supposed to begin a manual recount of 430,000 votes cast one week ago. Such a recount would take until Sunday at the earliest, well beyond the 5 p.m. Tuesday deadline set by state law.

Wire services report the Florida Democratic Party sued the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board on Monday evening, challenging the board's method of reading the ballots. The party wants "pregnant chads" -- dented fragments not detached from the card -- counted as votes.

Miami-Dade County will decide Tuesday whether to recount some votes.

The hand recount continues Tuesday in Volusia County, which expects to have its "final answer" by today's 5 p.m. deadline.

And a vote recount in Polk County gave George W. Bush a net gain of 100 votes, leaving him with a 388-vote lead over Al Gore in Florida.