Bishop Harry Jackson Launches New Coalition to Help Minority Voters Achieve the ‘American Dream’

By Christopher Goins | November 10, 2011 | 8:39 PM EST

Bishop Harry Jackson. (AP Photo.)

( - The founder and chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition is working to unite ethnic and minority voters under a new conservative umbrella group E Pluribus Unum, which will represent Republicans, conservative Democrats, and independents.

Bishop Harry Jackson, senior pastor of Hope Christian Church, created E Pluribus Unum, which means "out of many, one," to reach minority and ethnic voters around the nation to help them achieve the "American dream" and to give them a voice.

At a press conference on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., Bishop Jackson said the new group “is designed to provide various coalitions with an opportunity to express the issues that are most important to them on local, state, and national levels in a joint forum."

The "EPU will unite many groups around the nation making one strong body of vary significant parts dedicated to achieving their portion of the American dream,” he said.

EPU will have seven regional command centers all with a "center-right" message and, as an umbrella group, will focus on uniting already existing organizations into grassroots training, issue-oriented and strategic communications. Jackson, a registered Democrat, said he formed the organization now, before the 2012 elections,  so it could be a "change agent."

He explained: "We believe that we can be a change agent in America today and the areas of church, business, and politics, and the protection of the family are the things that are [the] institutions and things that are most important to us. And I believe that we can lead the way in making change that advances urban and minority interests in these four areas we just mentioned."

Jackson said he would achieve this by identifying ethnic and minority candidates for office, assessing conservative incumbents, organizing, training, and managing diverse groups of coalitions. This, he said, was designed with the intent to assist conservative organizations and eventually the nominee for president of the United States.

E Pluribus Unum would be "issue-driven" and its advertising campaign would focus around three legislative priorities that all Americans can rally around: housing, jobs, and health care.

Despite being a Christian pastor, Jackson said the group will not be a religious entity or convey its message in religious terms. Rather, they will communicate their ideas in language accessible to all.

Some of the groups that have endorsed EPU include the Asian-American PAC, New York City Puerto Rican Party Inc., the Russian Voter League, the Metropolitan Russian American Parents Association Inc., National Republican Hispanic Assembly, and the Jackson-led International Communion of Evangelical Churches.

So far, GOP presidential candidates Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich have written letters of endorsement for the group. But EPU says it is expecting more endorsements. Mitt Romney has had talks with the coalition but has not formally sent a letter of endorsement.

E Pluribus Unum said it would release a specific legislative agenda "at a separate date."